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Fortuny Mosaics

Certain things are timeless and only get better with age

evolving and staying "au courant".  

Fortuny is definitely this. Their mosaics now allow us to create

"wall art" for any space. Options abound being tempered

by the client's wishes.  And yes, perhaps budget.






Being authentic...

Safeguarding a cherished piece found on holiday, inherited, or made by a family member...  

Authenticity drives us... beautiful and easy living is the end result for you, our clients!




Inspiration and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


Inspiration surrounds us

Think of the writer desperate for his voice... but lacking, perhaps, his muse! We as designers and you as home owners are blessed in these times of the digital revolution.  Blogs, social media, and online magazines vie for your attention.  And with the phones/camera... well, let's just say the reference library has no excuse for "being inactive".

MOMA gave me much to click away at. Yes, it is seven floors which thankfully they astutely organized for the concentrated art lover. The third floor has a coffee bar, Living Wall, and a Sculpture Terrace.  Café 5 on the fifth floor has indoor/outdoor seating and is surrounded by another Sculpture Garden.   And, again, yes,there is a Sculpture Terrace on the seventh floor. Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, and Takeshi Murata; German Artists, Pop Artists, and the Art of Northern CA; and "Typeface to Interface" are just some of the venues to explore.

In six hours we still missed some galleries so please plan accordingly and have fun!





Done in elongated triangles by the artist, Leonor Antunes, this could inspire a partition for a loft or even drapery done in panels.


The three above photos are of individual snowflakes photographed under a microscope.  Wouldn't they make great tiles? Who would think of photographing a snowflake?  What a brilliant idea.

The Living Wall and Sculpture Terrace on the Third Floor as seen from the Alexander Calder Motion Lab exposition.

A pear, an avocado, a capsule from space, or a hot air balloon?  The hammered detailing is terrific as is the starburst quality.  

Roughly measuring 24'H x 36'W, this corn yellow painting is dynamic in its vibrancy; and inspires many ideas. You could give your budding live-in artist carte-blanche and also with ???

Vibrant clean lines and beautiful colors is how I always think of Wayne Thiebaud's work. This is the gift he gave his students.  A love for simplicity and beauty in this world... with a touch of humor!


Tires, wood, steel, and cement... reminds us of the old villages known for their trulli or singular trullo meaning cone shaped forms.. 

One subject in all its glorious fun colors.  A real play on line!


And, another play on line.  This painting is one of a series in which the line and/or lack of is the subject. White, beige, deep blue with gold leaf, and cream play out when matched individually with line and space.  


Spring Into Action!

With the sun's warmth comes stunning mornings, renewed synergy, and the anticipation of summer!


This is also the perfect time for BRINGING IN NEW.  You have thought of experimenting with a new wall color... DO IT.  Sea breeze blue is so lovely compared to greige.  Or perhaps moving furniture around has crossed your mind. NOTHING VENTURED NOTHING GAINED... one piece goes upstairs and another comes down.  With different accessories comes "freshness" to the space.  A very chic friend switched her living room and dining room. It is marvelous, completely unexpected, and gives her the much needed "breath of fresh air" she hoped for. Plant flowers in a silver bowl and put on the breakfast table. Or, even better, have your coffee outside bringing a sense of holiday to your daily routine. This added viewpoint makes life even more special!

Inspiration is everywhere... from architecture to museums, from traveling the world or an early morning walk on the beach; from colleagues, friends, and family who inspire us. Enjoy newness and reap the rewards!


 Maybe a lighter color palette for summer?


Or perhaps a shade of blue?


A new color scheme for the walkway?


Multi-color carpeting can be enhancing when used masterfully. 


For the love of a beautiful fountain with its lyrical waters!



Time for some vibrancy???



Or the reflective quality of impressionism...



Modernism in all its glory? 


The artisit craft on the covers of The New Yorker!




Let the summer games begin said the father to his minature team!


The Art Of Living with Ease



                              Living “simply yet luxuriously” is an art. 

This phrase is straightforward enough, but with hidden complexity.                                                                                                                                                                                                          I will always remember the first time seeing a friend’s closet (think armoire) in Paris.  It was perfectly color-coordinated, uncluttered, and imprinted the “less is more” in my mind forever! One… maybe… two lipsticks with the additional lip gloss and liner has always been my style.  But I’ve always loved uncluttered living. 

For some this approach is second nature.  For others it is learned, forced, or shall we say “respectfully?” ignored. City living comes with a price as does space.  No matter what square footage, we will grow into spaces and we will grow out of these same spaces.   Prioritizing can be hard even at the best of times.  When is enough enough? What brings waves of happy memories? And what must go?  Whether relocating, downsizing, or expanding, a Spring Cleaning attitude is useful year round.  Living with ease frees up our lives to bring in pleasure and enjoyment while replacing clutter, stress, and tension. 

Recently clients and I discussed how to achieve and maintain that sense of freshness and calmness in their home.  We discussed everything from outlawing computers/ iphones in certain rooms, lighting candles during dinner, and making sure their free time was just that… free… to enjoy time with their children, with friends, etc.

Simply put… which is preferable… opening the front door to a stack of mail, keys, and receipts tossed on a commode OR that same commode with a beautiful orchid next to sorted mail placed in a basket with sunglasses and keys on a silver tray.  Which scene is welcoming and which says oh rats, more work to do.  We are rewarded when things are in their proper place. Calmness, peace of mind and harmony follow.  I am in a business that provides function, basic needs, and visually pleasing results to my clients.  And, yes, it is an art.  The art of living well in a relaxed atmosphere influences every family member.   This ease gives us breathing room allowing for clarity of thought, rest, change, and newness. 

I marveled at the wisdom of one of our clients’ husband.  He always leaves an hour open mid-day for the unexpected.  It has served him well especially when potential clients stopped by and he was easily accessible.  Another allows one half hour per day everyday with his secretary to double check business and personal calendars, travel schedules, birthday lists, family and after school priorities.  The business day concludes with a half hour recap meeting with his teams.  At day’s end, he rests assured no one has been overlooked.

No matter how good our organizational skills, there is always more to learn.  By far the best reference I can share with you are the ladies at NEAT METHOD.   With offices in twelve cities, they are changing peoples' lives one kitchen, one closet, and one family room at a time. http://neatmethod.com 


To motivate you, Marie Kondo's book "Spark Joy" is a welcome addition to her bestseller "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up". 

From organizing our time to organizing our garages… lightening our load can be fun and incredibly freeing. Enjoy the process!