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Paige Koch is much admired worldwide for fostering an atmosphere conducive for effective cooperation, creativity, and success between project teams, craftsmen, artisans, design office, and the clients. 

"Our clients' requests for privacy are to be respected and to be taken very seriously."

"We work very hard to produce beautiful interiors and to ensure excellent service on all fronts."

"We have a deep respect for our colleagues and the artisans who make our work come alive."

"I really believe in the "process" of interior design. Budget, design formulation, timeframe, and installation are critical to this process. There is also a good system of checks and balances which keeps things moving forward effortlessly. A busy family with three children or a couple down-sizing should be excited about creating a new home. If I can make things as seamless as possible for them, then I have done my job."  

Spanning twenty-five plus years as an Interior Designer, Paige's projects have included Pied-à-Terres, Weekend Homes, Estates, and City Dwellings. Her cultural perspective, business acumen, and artistic skills make for a truly rewarding experience.