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"It was a great pleasure for me to meet Paige in San Francisco 2 years ago; Paige is a very sensitive person with a strong knowledge of many great cities in USA and Europe too in terms of architecture and art. She is a perfectionist, worried about the detail, a very reliable person that everyone can appreciate." —Marie Babelaere-Pettré / Owner, Cabinet Babelaere-Pettré / CFO & Founder, AIRPX

"I've worked with Paige photographing her interiors for a number of years. I’ve always enjoyed her easygoing personal style and her clear communications. But more than all this, I've been most impressed with her integrity and steadfastness. Anyone would be in good hands with her." —Christopher Irion / Photographer/Creative Director at The PhotoBooth Project.Org

"I’m a non-color person. I lived with beige and white for years, but love the library. Paige and I were on the same wavelength – we both hit on red and now it almost seems like a neutral color. It is very soothing to the eye. Paige is a magician.” —Mrs. A.A.

“We relocated to Pebble Beach from Switzerland and I wanted someone who could understand our life style.  Also, being a photographer, I was keen for someone with an artistic sensibility. We met Paige and liked her creative insight and sound approach regarding design. Paige was our best advocate and stood firm when she thought we unknowingly might be making a mistake. We now have spaces to entertain, and spaces for the children to play. I have my photo lab and gallery. My husband has his beloved beige/ sandy tones and I my gorgeous blues/ greens. Paige even recommended reworking our old steel framed chairs and upholstering them with a post-modern textile. The design process with Paige and her team was just great. From the very start of the remodeling to moving back in, everything went so smoothly. Paige is professional, considerate, and extremely conscienscious… a real pleasure to work with.” —Prefers anonymity