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I help collectors and expatriates create beautiful and thoughtfully designed homes. Most importantly, my clients believe in the value of investing in their personal joy as reflected in their homes.

I meld collections within classical or modern interiors. I help expatriates who relish having their homes reflect various aspects of their heritage and travels while embracing this next chapter. My clients who adore color and I work together to structure and cultivate their ideas into beautifully calm interiors. Working closely with my clients, I help them clarify their vision, make decisions, set priorities, and select materials & furnishings perfect for their customized homes. Combining travel treasures with furnishings of the upmost quality creates the excitement my clients and I love. My goal is always to express your personality with creative flair, an elegant touch, and a sense of serenity.                         


~ PLEASE NOTE ~  We have a "website updating" coming soon with new project photos. To view more, please follow the hyperlink on this page to our Instagram account.