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Anything of great beauty and grace takes time to cultivate. Excellent design is exactly the same with its own step-by-step process bringing our clients confidence in choices and peace of mind. Warm and engaging interaction, honest conversations, and intelligent decisions are always at the forefront. Our work philosophy is simple...to give you the very best of our vast experience from the initial client-designer meeting thru installation and closing procedures. Along the way we will be constantly curating and tailoring the design to your unique persona working with the utmost quality expected at the luxury level. Our clients believe that investing in their homes is investing in their personal happiness; and we believe their dollar investment deserves the best!

 Our INITIAL DESIGN CONSULTATION is for up to 2 hours in your home. This is a time for exchanging ideas and thoughts "between designer and client" to understand what you envision, your overall goals, time frame, and ideas. Walking thru each room, we will discuss all aspects of each space... usage, likes and dislikes as well as the design challenges. After this, we hone in on specifics such as furnishings, furniture and lighting placement, paint colors and wall treatments, window treatments, rugs, collectibles, etc. At the conclusion, you will have solid insight as to what to expect; and a formulated plan correctly aligned with your goals.

Our FULL DESIGN SERVICE allows you to enjoy making the decisions without the worries. Depending on the size and scope of the project meetings will be scheduled out according to your calendar and project status. We take care of the rest giving you ease of mind. The four phases for this complete service are discovery & learning, design phase, delivery & installation, and closing procedures with a thank you.

Discovery & Learning Phase

This 3-step phase includes the above mentioned "Initial Design Consultation" in home followed by our "Letter of Agreement" being signed with retainer received. At this time you will receive our "Welcome Packet" explaining the process, a copy of the signed agreement, our policy and procedures, etc. Now "We Begin" with a full day (or two) of one on one meetings with you and on-site appointments with trades people and measurements and photos will be taken. Collaborating with architects, artisans, contractors, landscape designers, and lighting specialists will overlap in this phase as well as in the design phase. Depending on the size of your project we will schedule more time together to assure complete assessment of all your goals, needs for function, and design aesthetics. Remember this is a transformational journey which we are on together. It is an intimate and time involved relationship to achieve your goals.  And yes they will be achieved spectacularly.

Design & Implementation Phase

This is our Artistry Phase which we want you to especially enjoy. Design schematics, floorplans, color & fabric schemes, sourcing goods, custom wallpaper & woodwork quotes, and the beginning designs of custom items are simultaneously in process. Architects, artisans, contractors, landscape designers, and lighting specialists will become involved in this collaborative orchestra. Prescheduled meetings will keep you updated and the design process and procurement phase moving fluidly. In general, these meetings will fall into the following three categories:

First Tier Meeting: Design Presentation Meeting to review floor plans, suggested furnishings & materials, estimates and a calendar schedule. As our work is custom oriented with care given to details, we may have one or more meetings in this category.

Second Tier Meeting: Design Meeting for acceptance of proposals with corresponding deposits collected.

Third Tier Meeting: Design Meeting to review investment and an up-to-date progress report. Again, depending upon the complexity of your project (construction and/or renovation and level of customizing) additional meetings may be required. Other consultative services, the scope of which, will be determined as needed. (These may include art consultants, professional organizers, relocation specialists, etc.).   

Delivery & Installation 

Tracking and scheduling freight deliveries to local receivers. Orders are being received and reviewed at the warehouse.  Tradespeople are completing their tasks. The excitement is building for you and us.... there have been build ups along the way of course.  Seeing your custom wallpaper sample or custom wood sample helps... Even joining me to procure one of a kind pieces. Now, during this important chapter, all comes together in poetic harmony. All is installed and styled to perfection and photographed.

Your home is finally yours in its atmosphere, its organization, and its personality! Welcome home.                                  

Closing Procedures

There is nothing more gratifying than a happy client so naturally we have a project review with you to address concerns and resolve immediately (if any). Our final meeting together will include any final invoices, papers of authenticity, and a client binder should you like.


Our "PROBLEM-SOLVING CONSULTATION" is a pre-paid two hour design consultation which will give you clarity, resolve problems, and move your project forward. You will receive advice and direction guaranteed to save you time, money, and mistakes. We will share with you all our knowledge and skill on any potential project you have in mind. Please do some preparation in advance. The more you tell us, the more we can help you, be it floor plans, furnishings, paint and fabric colors, kitchen layout, etc. This is the "collaborative time" to make your home yours. And, to ensure a beautiful end result, we offer hourly follow-up consultations via email, over the phone, or in your home.